Get Now Mylo – Indian Pregnancy & Parenting Community App 1.01.73 APK

Get Now Mylo – Indian Pregnancy & Parenting Community App 1.01.73 APK

Description of Mylo - Indian Pregnancy & Parenting Community App

Mylo – Indian Pregnancy & Parenting Community App

Get Now Mylo – Indian Pregnancy Parenting Community App 1.01.73 APK
Mylo: Pregnancy & Baby Companion is the best Indian pregnancy and parenting app. It is the #1 trusted guide & tracker for expecting and new moms ?

Are you looking for the ideal Indian Pregnancy App? Or the best parenting app? Let Mylo be your pregnancy & baby care solution and help you take the first step towards a healthy pregnancy and being a responsible mom. Get the best pregnancy tips, parenting tips, baby tips and much more ?

You can ask questions that you can’t wait to ask your doctor, and get answers from a helpful community of mothers on the Mylo Pregnancy and Parenting app. You will get to know all about pregnancy and parenting – from pregnancy tests to prenatal yoga, labor workouts, baby names, maternity diet, miscarriage, post pregnancy diet, baby food and everything else needed to understand your maternal journey and what to do when your baby arrives. Mylo is personalized for your stage – how to get pregnant, what to do after getting pregnant, preparing for your baby, and what to do once the baby arrives.

Mylo Pregnancy and Parenting app offers all features for free, and much more to help you take care of your adorable little one ?

Main Features on Mylo:
?Questions and Answers
Have a lot of questions? Mylo helps you get all of those answered – either by fellow Indian pregnant women or by health experts. You may have medical questions or need support to handle pregnancy emotions, or you may even just feel like sharing your experiences. Other pregnant women in the Mylo community are always eager to listen and help each other.
?Weekly Pregnancy Tracker
Our week by week pregnancy progress information is vetted by Indian obstetricians & gynecologists. Just enter your due-date and Mylo will start showing you the current scenario and expected changes in your body and your growing baby. This ensures that there are no surprises and you are well prepared to deal with everything.
?Dedicated Sections
Based on demand from our users, we created special sections and groups so they can discuss topics based on their needs. Some commonly discussed topics are baby names, baby gender prediction, prenatal yoga.
?Daily Tips and Articles
Mylo’s Daily section serves you with interesting articles and videos every single day with topics like healthy diet, pregnancy yoga, baby videos, how to dress well. So whenever you feel mood swings, open the Mylo app and let our editorial team bring a smile on your face ?

Summary of what all can you do at Mylo:
? Get Pregnancy Tips | Baby Care Tips | Parenting Tips | Pregnancy Nutrition | Baby Food Recepies | Home Remedies
Ask Questions within community | Get the Best Advice
? Get Recommended Articles & Videos Matched to Your Pregnancy Week | Prenatal Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Lara Dutta Videos | Pregnancy Yoga | Postnatal Yoga | Pregnancy Yoga Routine | Pregnancy Yoga at Home | Pregnancy Yoga Moves | Pregnancy Yoga Positions | Pregnancy Yoga Poses | Pregnancy Yoga Postures | Baby Yoga | Baby Massage
? See & discuss common Pregnancy Symptoms & Issues | Labour & Delivery | Pregnancy Vaccinations | Pregnancy Fatigue | Gestational Diabetes | Postpartum Hair Fall | Pregnancy Hip Pain | Pregnancy Gingivitis | Pregnancy Acne | Pregnancy Hemorrhoids | IVF | ICSI | Other Medical Complications | Medical Advice
Buy Products | Pregnancy Gowns | Pregnancy Outfits | Pregnancy Dresses | Maternity Wear | Maternal Clothing | Pregnancy Jeans | Baby Toys | Preganews & Other Pregnancy Kits | Pregnancy Gifts | Pregnancy Girdle
? Find & Discuss Baby Names | Indian Baby Names | Baby Boy Names | Baby Girl Names | Hindu Baby Names | Muslim Baby Names | Christian Baby Names | Sikh Baby Names
? Capture Moments during your Pregnancy Milestones | Baby Bump | Baby Milestones | Ultrasound Pics

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