Get Now AutoMapa: GPS navigation, radars, traffic, places 5.2.7 (2040) APK

Get Now AutoMapa: GPS navigation, radars, traffic, places 5.2.7 (2040) APK

Description of AutoMapa: GPS navigation, radars, traffic, places

AutoMapa: GPS navigation, radars, traffic, places

Get Now AutoMapa GPS navigation radars traffic places 5.2.7 2040 APK
AutoMapa Android lets you avoid traffic jams and other disruptions on Polish roads with LiveDrive! technology. The starting package offers 7-day navigation in Poland and Europe plus map and POI browsing without time limits.
You can then extend your licence in a convenient way
☛ AutoMapa Polska:
✓ 7 days: PLN 8
✓ 90 days: PLN 29
✓ 366 days: PLN 69
✓ 2 years: PLN 119 (28% cheaper)

☛ AutoMapa Europe (map of Poland included):
✓ 7 days: PLN 13
✓ 90 days: PLN 46
✓ 366 days: PLN 119
✓ 2 years: PLN 189 (41% cheaper)

☛ AutoMapa in Play!

The AutoMapa in Play offer is addressed to Play subscribers and users.
By activating AutoMapa in Play with maps of Poland for the first time, you are entitled to one month of free use. For the following months, Play will charge you according to their price list.
For using AutoMapa in Play with the map of Europe, Play will charge the fee according to their price list at the time of service activation.
You can find the details here:


AutoMapa features the most accurate navigation plans for cities and towns, AutoMapa Traffic system, Lane Guidance, 3D buildings and address points, over 900,000 Points of Interest (POI) and a voice recording by the Polish rally driver Krzysztof Hołowczyc. AutoMapa has been helping drivers for the last 15 years and is the most renowned and award-winning Polish navigation program.



The AutoRadar tool in AutoMapa allows its users to exchange information about police patrols, speed cameras, accidents, and speed control spots. Touch “!” icon to add a new object.

Confirm or delete an object by sliding the warning bar. The AutoRadar tool implemented in AutoMapa is a way to avoid speeding tickets as well as get and share information about any danger on the road.


✓AutoMapa Android combines off-line maps and on-line traffic data in the most effective way. The maps are always available, even outside GSM or Wi-Fi coverage. The LiveDrive! Technology lets the navigation system allow for current traffic circumstances, including automatic traffic direction switching and temporary road closing/opening.
✓Traffic forecasts (SmartRoutes function), based on the data collected from other drivers. The data is collected daily from over 7 million kilometres travelled in Poland.
✓Current data on traffic and disruptions (LiveDrive!) sent every 2 minutes.
✓SmartRoutes combined with LiveDrive! for smart route mapping.
✓Visualisation of traffic density and any disruptions.


✓New intuitive User Interface
✓Broad selection of route types and navigation modes
✓Traffic Lane Assistant
✓“Door-to-door” navigation using address points and more than 800,000 Points of Interest (POI)
✓List of 500 most dangerous traffic points in Poland developed with the Polish National Police and Krzysztof Hołowczyc’s “Safe Driver” Foundation
✓Complete list of railroad crossings developed with the Polish State Railways (PKP)
✓Warnings about traffic radars, speed cameras, police cars with video cameras and other objects on the map
✓CB Radio support (milepost information)


You can always find details on our map content here:
✓ screenshot after double click „!”
✓ compass displayed while driving
✓ update of SmartRoutes data while downloading the new map
✓ route preview by tapping the distance icon

Improved features:
✓ building numbers displayed
✓ loading the route from
✓ warning of railway crossings
✓ distance of the nearest maneuver displayed
✓ navigation with screen saver
✓ driving in tunnel simulation
✓ voice search
✓ Lane Assistant
5.2.7 (2040)

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