Get Now モバイルSuica 〜Suica電子マネー、定期券、Suicaグリーン券、新幹線をスマホで〜 APK

Get Now モバイルSuica 〜Suica電子マネー、定期券、Suicaグリーン券、新幹線をスマホで〜 APK

Description of モバイルSuica 〜Suica電子マネー、定期券、Suicaグリーン券、新幹線をスマホで〜

モバイルSuica 〜Suica電子マネー、定期券、Suicaグリーン券、新幹線をスマホで〜

Get Now SuicaSuicaSuica APK
Suicaの電子マネー、定期券、Suicaグリーン券、新幹線をご利用いただけます。モバイルSuicaアプリで、SuicaのチャージやおトクなモバイルSuca特急券(新幹線)・Suicaグリーン券を購入できるので、駅の券売機や窓口に並ぶ必要はありません。「JRE POINT」を貯めたり、チャージ残額で新幹線の自由席にご乗車いただける「タッチでGo!新幹線」もご利用いただけます。JRE POINT WEBサイトでの登録や、「タッチでGo!新幹線」の利用開始登録が必要です。


 ● Suica電子マネーをどこでも

  -JRE POINTからのチャージ

 ● 定期券の購入で並ばない


 ● Suicaグリーン券をクイックに


 ● モバイルSuica特急券で旅行や出張をおトクに




● ポイントがたまる
  別途、JRE POINT WEBサイトで登録いただくことで、JRE POINTを貯めることもできます。

● Google Pay™
  Suicaは、Google Pay に対応しているので、Google Pay アプリからもチャージができます。
「Google Pay はGoogle LLC の商標です。」

● エクスプレス予約

[email protected] のメールを受信できるように設定してください。
・Suica、PASMO、SAPICA、Kitaca、ICAS nimoca、TOICAエ、manaca、ICOCA、PiTaPa、SUGOCA、nimoca、はやかけんの各エリアの鉄道・バスなどの交通機関でご利用いただけます。詳しくは、SuicaのWebサイトをご覧ください。
You can use Suica’s electronic money, commuter pass, Suica green ticket, Shinkansen bullet train. With the Mobile Suica application, you can purchase a Suica charge or a mobile Suca express train (Shinkansen) · Suica green ticket, so you do not have to line up at the station ticket vending machines or windows. You can also use “Touch by Go! Shinkansen” that saves “JRE POINT” and you can get on the free seat of the bullet train by the charge remaining amount. Registration at the JRE POINT WEB site and registration of use of “Go! Shinkansen with touch” registration is necessary.

【Features of Mobile Suica】

● Suica Electronic money everywhere

– Check remaining amount
– Charge with cash
– Charge with credit card (settlement)
– Auto charge
– Bank charge
– View history
– Use for online shopping
– Charge from JRE POINT

● It is not ordinary by buying a commuter ticket
The history (receipts) of purchasing the commuter pass can also be checked from the website for members.

– Capture your Suica commuter pass (only for the first time)
– Display of passenger plane such as full year, school, section, route etc.
– New and continued purchase
– Section change
– refund

● Suica Green ticket quickly
If you register frequently used sections, you can purchase green tickets with less operation as quick green tickets.

– Display of the face of a section such as section
-new purchase
– Purchase from history
– Quick green ticket

● Travel Suica with limited express tickets and business trips
You can get on the designated seats of Tohoku · Yamagata · Akita · Hokkaido · Joetsu · Hokuriku Shinkansen with great price at the same price as free seat. No fee will be charged for changing the train.
If you register frequently used sections, you can purchase free seats on the day with a few operations as quick mobilesk.

– Market display of trains, seats, etc.
– Purchase
– Purchase from history
– Book a week earlier than normal release
– Change of reserved train
– refund

For details, please visit Mobile Suica website.

【More convenient in cooperation with various applications and services】

 ● Points accumulate
By separately registering on the JRE POINT WEB site, you can also accumulate JRE POINT.

 ● Google Pay ™
Suica is compatible with Google Pay, so you can also charge it from the Google Pay app.
    “Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.”

 ● Express reservation
By registering separately, you can also use the JR Tokai “Express Reservation” (Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen between Tokyo and Hakata).

[Getting Started]
· To use, Osaifu-Keitai (Android smartphone) compatible with Mobile Suica is required.
For compatible models, please check with Mobile Suica website.
· For any questions, please see the frequently asked questions.
· Please set so that you can receive mail of [email protected]
· It can be used in transport facilities such as Suica, PASMO, SAPICA, Kitaca, ICAS nimoca, TOICA, TOACA, manaca, ICOCA, PiTaPa, SUGOCA, nimoca, Hayakawa area railway and bus. For details, please visit Suica’s website.

App Information of モバイルSuica 〜Suica電子マネー、定期券、Suicaグリーン券、新幹線をスマホで〜

App Name モバイルSuica 〜Suica電子マネー、定期券、Suicaグリーン券、新幹線をスマホで〜
Package Name
Rating ( 14268 )
Size 3.2 MB
Requirement Android 2.2+
Updated 2018-10-09
Installs 1,000,000+

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